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  Audition Process

School Auditions

Auditions for new incoming students are required for acceptance into LVA and the World Jazz Studies Program. These entry auditions take place by appointment in January each year. If seats are still available in the department, an additional audition may take place in May. Check the LVA website for more information. Auditions for the 2018-2019 school year will take place at LVA on January 20th & 27th, 2018.

Audition Requirements:

1. Brass, Woodwind, Guitar, Bass, and Piano memorize all TWELVE of the major scales at a TEMPO of quarter note equals 144 beats per minute. Play a chromatic scale at a TEMPO of quarter note equals 120 beats per minute in an 8th note triplet fashion.

2. Brass, Woodwind, Guitar, and Piano should choose between A or B below:

  1. Perform a standard jazz piece and solo over two choruses of changes or use the optional LVA Jazz Audition.
  2. Perform a jazz transcription of a major performer with the head and two choruses of solos.

3. Rhythm section players will be asked to demonstrate various Latin, Jazz, and Afro-Cuban styles.

4. Drummers will be asked to trade fours and demonstrate a knowledge in brushes.

5. All auditioning students will be asked to sight-read as part of their audition.


Jazz Camp Information

Jazz Band Placement Auditions

There are 3 big bands and 3 combos in the World Jazz Studies Program at the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts. Newly enrolled and returning students must audition for their placement into a big band. Advanced Instrumental Studies is an elective course at LVA for jazz combos. Students do not audition for a jazz combo unless they plan on taking this elective course and have received approval to audition from Mr. Bowen. Big band and combo auditions take place during a 3-day, MANDATORY Jazz Camp in August, typically 2-3 weeks before school begins.


Jazz Combo Auditions

The first round of auditions for Jazz Combos takes place in May. If you pass this round of auditions, you will be enrolled in the Advanced Instrumental Studies class and placed in a combo for the following school year.  Auditions for combo placement will take place on the first day of Jazz Camp.


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